Hult Alumni Magazine Issue 3 - Page 18

ALUMNI COUPLES Love in the Time of Hult For some alumni, their time at Hult led to them gaining far more than a degree. Read these inspiring stories about alumni that met and fell in love whilst studying at Hult. Hult doesn’t get more romantic than this! Abhay Prashad & Vidhi Bhargava, MBA Boston 2010 “We chatted for the first time on a Hult online forum when we were looking for accommodation and ended up staying in the same building (Northpoint). Then as the Hult lifestyle kicked in, between managing projects, assignments, and a hectic social life—we found perfect partners in each other. Every moment we spent at Hult has led to beautiful memories; especially the ones that made us realize that we had found a teammate for life. As the year came to an end and both of us settled in to our new homes, Abhay in Canada and Vidhi in India, we decided to make it official and got married on March 23rd, 2011. We received warm wishes from our Hult friends across the world and some of them joined the celebrations. It does not feel that it has been over three years since we first met at Hult. We have now settled down together in Toronto, Canada.” Heaven Denyer & Stephan Wehrli, MBA London 2012 “We met for the first time at the fountain in Russell Square, London. A group of incoming MBAs had gathered for our first pub night, prior to the start of the Toolbox course. It was clear from the start that we would become good friends. We both lived in Camden, so we made the 30-minute walk home together quite often. This was a very important time for us. It allowed us to get to know each other incredibly well, and before long, our 30-minute walks l 7FVB???W"?"??&R??v2&V?????&W76VBv?F???2&W6V?6^( F6??f?FV?B?BvV???7??V???'WBv?F??WB??V?6R?b'&?v?6R?&V????6RwW??( ??VfV?6?2??7FW??FG2?( ?VfV?( ?2w&VV?W?W2?B&VWF?gV?6??P?vW&RF?Rf?'7BF???w2???F?6VB????Wr6?Rv2gV?W'6????B6V?6VBF?B6?Rv2?6?fW'????B?BF??Vv?FgV??gFW ?F???rv?F??VfV???F??Vv?BF?B6?Rv2&?F???FW&W7FV@??B??FW&W7F??r???W"&W7B?V?B?V??'?F?vWF?W"v2????fV?&W"v?V?vP?F???G&?F?&wVRv?F?'V?6??b?W"6?76?FW2g&???V?B?F??2G&?v2?V??&&?R??B???&V6W6R?W"w&?W?6?V?BW???&R?Wr6?G?F?vWF?W"?'WB?6?&V6W6R?Bv0??W"f?'7BG&?F?vWF?W"26?W?R??6??6Rw&GVF????vR?fR?'&?VB?B&R?f??r???;?&?6???7v?G?W&??B?2vR&?V?B?W"7V?GW&W2??W"?fRF?vWF?W ?6??F??VW2F?&R?GfV?GW&R?( ??????