Hult Alumni Magazine Issue 3 - Page 16

PROFESSORS IN THE MEDIA Hult Professors Hit the Headlines Over the past months several Hult professors have been featured in the news. The Financial Times named two Hult faculty members Professor of the Week, asking them to offer their definition of a key FT business term. Professor Cari E. Guittard is a guest columnist for The Huffington Post and Professor Mike Grandinetti was featured in ZDNet discussing voluntary delisting from the stock exchange. The Huffington Post Cari E. Guittard teaches International Negotiations and Women’s Leadership at Hult and is Chief Strategy Officer at Secure Mentem. Alongside these roles she is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Her articles draw upon her experience working in an extensive range of fields including strategic communications, geopolitical strategy, and public-private partnerships, plus her work in the military and intelligence community. The majority of her articles focus on issues related to women in leadership, with titles such as ‘Conversations with Female Forces of Nature in Small Businesses’ and ‘Women’s Leadership Redux—Teaching, Honoring, and Defending Women at Work.’ Her latest article in the Huffington Post ????????i??????!???????)???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????)I???????????????????%?()?????????Q????)A?????? ????????-?????A??????????????????!??????A????????????%??????????5??????????????????????????????????????)????????????4????????????????????5????????????????Q?????)??????????????a????????????d???q?????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????????????t????A???-????+?q??????????????????????????????????????????????????????)???????????4???????????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????t)I?????????????????? ??((??((