January 2016 - Page 8


Monthly NXT/SuperNet News Wrap-up

7 Adds Helpdesk Feature

Evildave and Damelon of the Tennessee Project have finally finished their work on creating a support section on the website. is considered the homepage of NXT and the main place to download the latest NXT wallet. The support section, under the tab name "helpdesk", is a place where new users of NXT can ask all kinds of questions in regards to NXT and its wallet. Anticipated questions range from how to install the wallet, buying assets, advice on adding their organisation to the NXT blockchain and much more. As a technology, NXT is one step ahead of regular cryptocurrencies in that sending NXT to your NXT wallet is only the beginning. Within the NXT wallet there are many features from crowdfunding to decentralized voting, so it can be a little intimidating for the average Bitcoin user.

The Tennessee Project in November raised 10 million NXT in order to bridge the gap between Bitcoin and NXT. One problem that NXT had suffered in the past was that there was a lack of documentation and easy infomation and this gave the impression that NXT was not user-friendly. The helpdesk is one of the many projects that the Tennessee Project is working on to change that perception. If you have any enquiries about NXT in general, feel free to go to and submit a ticket where your question will soon be answered. You are able

to track the status of your ticket as well. All answers are written by

volunteers who love the NXT


Other features on include a

step-by-step guide to installing the NXT

wallet, basic infomation about the NXT

blockchain, basic infomation about

businesses built on NXT, information on the

NXT code (including the whitepaper, source

and more) and community resources.