January 2016 - Page 7

As mentioned, CORE Group changes. We are looking to change our Brand Design to follow with our Asset ID name 'CORE'. So wherever you see 'BTCOR' over time it will be replaced by 'CORE'

There are only two (2) assets that we control directly: CORE and CORE MEDIA. Think of CORE as a funds management facility, similar to a hedge fund with GOLD, SILVER, BTC, Foreign Currencies and CRYPTO Assets and consider CORE MEDIA to be an Advertising and Promotions facility that will manage campaigns for not only CORE but also for Crypto in general. I am personally building my real life business currently, which is why I have been AFK a lot lately. Some of you may have already gotten wind of the idea to bring my brick and mortar business to the blockchain. MX and I have been discussing this for approximately three months. The last couple months' focus has obviously been on the CORE MEDIA release and the essential cooperatives that will ensure its success. Proving to be an organization built on the strength of its leadership, CORE has maintained and proven itself well. This has allowed me the latitude to focus in on the business of running a company.

Exciting and exhausting, I have been securing contracts, arranging many quotes and establishing relationships that will push CORE to the next level of integration from Crypto speculation to a fully hands-on product distribution and installation business model. As sole Director, I have been focusing in on operations, suppliers, clients and accounts. This has inevitably caused me to refrain from trading the Forex, Gold and Silver markets, so this component will no longer be a part of CORE operations, saved for exceptional circumstances only.

CORE and CORE Media will receive a percentage of the real life business Asset. Over the next month I will be factoring in all operational expenses and charging an accountant to oversee my Business Activity Statement. This is not a speculative or flash-in-the-pan asset since it is my livelihood and I need to take a salary to support my family, so everything needs to be secure, solid and protected. The correct structure needs to be created to ensure all investors are also protected. I will be releasing an initial number of assets to generate some working capital required to ensure we are well positioned to ride the waves of economic tidal variances and put in place the necessary architecture to establish a solid business model.


We have come a great distance in such a relatively short span of time. I remember the early days at the beginning of this year like they were some long lost memory. Personalities have come and gone, others have risen to fame. Bitch fights, scandals, thefts and questionable disappearances have been hot potatoes for discussion, but the community survives to fight another day. Let's embrace that same spirit in the coming year. 2016 is setting up to be quite an interesting year in terms of

global economy. When the figment of imagination that is pushed

upon us as a global recovery shows itself as a farce, we can either

head for the bunkers or take the lead. I know which camp I'd

rather be in, do you?

Love to you all and your families. Please be safe over the holidays.



Written By House