January 2016 - Page 6

3rdStryker became an official 'Partner' of CORE Group with an equivalent amount of dedication. As 'Editor in Chief' of the CORE Magazine, his work load is quite demanding. Most in the the NXT community know of 3rdStryker and his presence is warmly welcomed. He is a well-rounded individual who takes after my own heart in terms of charity-driven efforts and, with keen a sense of fair play, has proven beyond a doubt his worthy inclusion into the Senior Executive Role. 3rdStryker is also considered a Founder of CORE Group and has been allocated a percentage of CORE Founder shares.

Lootz has worked incredibly hard over these last couple of months to bring life to CORE MEDIA. As an IT professional taking on the role as its 'Chief Systems Engineer', he is an essential ingredient in laying the foundation and compiling a fantastic portal for CORE MEDIA was his initial assignment. He has been a breath of fresh air to our crew at times when we most needed it. With his 'lighter side of life' attitude and his health conscious mindset, he has brought something to the table that is sorely needed in crypto, that of a healthy mind and healthy body producing healthy results. Lootz has also wound up the SuperNET RADIO show which is now CORE RADIO and runs under the CORE MEDIA ASSET umbrella. He is considered a Founder of CORE MEDIA and has been allocated a percentage of CORE MEDIA Founder shares.

Infinitechaos has finally settled in after relocating to a new state and has rejoined the fold to continue on his Public Relations portfolio that was charged to him. His abilities as a writer and copy analyst are indispensable and will be sure to propel him into the Founders league of Executives. Additionally, he is at the forefront of the Coin Strategy Committee and always vigilant at protecting and enhancing our treasury holdings. Look forward to hearing more as his appointment nears ratification.

Damon has been tremendously influential with his timely articles and depth of knowledge in areas that are close to the bone. It is significant to understand that much of the community in Crypto development and speculator circles are driven by something much more urgent and satisfying than profit and loss accounts. Damon's ability to articulate this message in meaningful dialogue has brought a sense of reality to CORE Group supporters. With his connections outside of Crypto reaching deep into the inner circles of alternative lifestyle communities, his efforts are well-received and potentially position CORE Group to be an extended hand of friendship. Damon will be promoted to a Senior Executive post in due course.

Sigwo's energy, along with his bright and 'matter of fact' interjections, have been well-received. As our resident Developer, he has been working behind the scenes to bring the CORE platform together. It has been a pleasure for CORE Group to watch Sigwo's rise in popularity and his tech is beginning to show signs of the genius that we continue to nurture to fruition. His potential to become a Senior Executive is vast and close enough to taste.


Commitments and personal events have dogged us all over the year, myself included. Nonetheless, although quiet, you can rest assured that the remaining crew members are looking for that window of opportunity to stamp their presence and bring something to the Group that will improve performance, align relations and/or achieve results.