January 2016 - Page 5

With MX's appointment as the Executive Director of CORE MEDIA, we have the backbone to initiate a campaign to reach out on a global scale through the use of social media platforms. Using current technologies such as the most obvious to the latest vetted platforms that have the inherent mechanics required, CORE MEDIA is led by a team of passionate individuals who catalyze this advancement to wipe away the smog from the windows to our souls, to encourage and assert the authority that we are the architects of our own destiny as individuals as well as a collective.


In the last couple of years as a trader of forex, commodities and stock markets, I have witnessed an incremental change in the audacious practice of manipulation. It has always been prevalent, but not so obvious as it has been in these past few months where global events have caused evident changes in wealth distribution.

It was always the intention from the outset to have our trading play a significant part in our wealth creation activities, but that it was to be a short-lived exercise in consideration of the forecast changes that I anticipated. That day is here, where it is no longer so obvious that current events should form future trends, since by and large, events are manipulated and forex/stock/commodity prices are but fictional indicators controlled by central banking policies that further enhance the account balances of the rich to the detriment of the lower socio-economic percentile.

Further, CORE has been in an ongoing cycle of adaptation, morphing its existence to ensure it remains significant in times of change, powerful in times of apprehension and approachable in times of uncertainty.

This is where the strength of our organization is at its most powerful. By leading and pioneering change, by embracing technologies and reporting current trends in the Crypto space, we are ensuring that the legacy of the fundamentals of Crypto are tuned to empowerment for all our people whether or not they are current holders of CORE or CORE Media assets.


Significant milestones were met in the previous year leading to appointments that were well-deserved. With MX taking a Co-Director role within CORE Group, he has been an inspiration to the entire executive team and to the NXT community. With such a great knowledge base and a 'can do' attitude, he has sparked many new ideas and pushed forward strategies that seek to underpin our position in the NXT community and encompass a group ideal. He was instrumental in the creation and adaptation of CORE MEDIA and consequently solidified his role as the Executive Director of same.

Futurist became an official 'Partner' of CORE Group with such dedication and attention to detail. As Asset Strategy Committee Chair, his strategizing of our Asset accumulation has been a difficult task with much 'blood in the streets' but he has managed to mitigate significant write-downs with a good focus on reliable assets and maintaining decisive strategies. He is considered a Founder of CORE Group and has been allocated a percentage of CORE Founder shares.