January 2016 - Page 4

A Word From House, Creater of CORE


Salutations and Celebrations to all Crypto fans and development communities.

It's been quite the rollercoaster ride this year with a mixture of news across the board, from the depths of a sell off in BTC at sub $200 which gave alts a fantastic platform and perhaps a false sense of security, to a steady rise in BTC value against most commentators' predictions which saw a lethal strike on the plethora of altcoins and tech values far and wide. The relentless attack from the puppets of centralized systems of economic fortitude continued to influence the general population throughout much of the year.

With every article, the Vampire of disinformation plunged its cutting teeth deep into the necks of many weak-handed and uninformed crypto enthusiasts, creating a black hole of new technologies that seemed to float around in a dead space of uncertainty. The tactic remained empowered and fully fueled with the rise in BTC, creating a graveyard of devastated altcoins whose carcasses litter the landscape like the bodies of devastated soldiers in trench warfare WW1-style.

With so much misinformation and the mainstream media pushing for people to see Crypto as purely a speculative currency at best, it is vital that the few remaining technologies that have underlying value work in harmony to firstly protect and secondly project the truth of Crypto as a whole.

We must work diligently to illustrate in the simplest way possible, that there are forces at work with everything to lose, if we, the pioneers of crypto, are left alone to create decentralised applications that allow the distribution of everything important, from money and contracts, to pay slips and land titles, to loans and international value transfers.


We are fortunate to live in a time in which, through technology, the average person is able to strike at the very heart of the control mechanism that has kept us in a state of slavery for literally thousands of years. If money/currency is no longer centralized, no longer the commodity it has become for the rich, is transformed back into the means of exchange it was intended to be. Our lives would be enhanced on multiple levels and our civilisation would be empowered to grow abundantly. Thus, we have not only an obligation to ourselves, but to humanity as a whole to breakthrough the great wall of 'Seven Deadly Sins' that has been built up of man's souls and tirelessly misinformed and misdirected passion.


CORE MEDIA is CORE's effort to affect change. I'm not sure who said it, but being the change you wish to see in the world is an honourable motivation and a great mission statement for any business.