January 2016 - Page 34



core asset

CORE is an asset listed on the NXT Asset Exchange. We generate revenue from multiple investments as well as "dynamic revenue" streams. CORE is a big believer in the NXT blockchain and SuperNET. SuperNET is difficult to define, however, in its simplest form it is a web of services centered around decentralized cryptocurrencies. CORE is also backed by gold, silver, USD and BTC while also investing in technologies which we believe are beneficial to humankind as a whole.

December CORE Dividend: 0.508 NXT per Asset

CORE ID: 18026565504333172181

core media asset

CORE Media is an initiative that will give legitimate assets built on innovative platforms a megaphone to pitch their ideas to the world. CORE Media also has a range of writers dedicated to bringing the most up to date blockchain and asset news from across the globe, good or bad. As the internet is riddled with scams, CORE Media aims to praise legitimate assets and to shame scam assets. Along with our website, we have also issued a CORE Media asset on the NXT blockchain. Content that is created for the website will be paid for by this asset which creates another opportunity to bring returns for asset holders on a monthly basis. The CORE Team intends to create a vast network of media contacts inside and outside of crypto, acting as a bridge between the two worlds.

December CORE Media Dividend: 0.176 NXT per Asset

CORE Media ID: 1584198250936051677

View CORE's End of the Month Report HERE