January 2016 - Page 30

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty is a global collective of open and empowered beings choosing to embody abundance and unconditional love.

Our objective is to enable and uplift the human race by providing housing, guidance, proper wages, self-sustaining permaculture food forests, green energy systems, and techniques for conscious expansion to all beings who ask for help. We move toward and embody these ideologies by producing a large assortment of technologies and empowering services that uplift and enable all humans to move into their joy and bliss while acting for the greatest good of all.

Our services and technologies include renewable energy technologies that decrease our monthly utility bills while enabling a cleaner Earth; encrypted currency services that increase our financial abundance; social media services that spread awareness of the truth while paying the messenger; a total spectrum of affordable super foods that strengthen and enhance mind and body; food forests that self-sustain and expand upon themselves; automated hydroponic food production technologies; artificially intelligent software, and healing services such as body work, sound therapy, neurolingustic therapy, and tantric therapy.

Our eco villages all over the world offer free housing, community membership, training, and a wide variety of goods and services like delicious and nutritious food and powerful healing. For people that don't want to be one with an existing new paradigm eco village, we offer training, information, resources, and tools to assist in becoming independent from the old paradigm.

We enable all those who have the will to free themselves from debt slavery.

What's cooler than that?