January 2016 - Page 28

I turned around to say thanks to Roberto and Damon knowing the meaning of this trip back in time. It meant I was going to live my life again and forever with 3rdstryker. As I waved goodbye I joined Mr E Junior into the deep icy water.

Looking upon the two sleeping children; both Roberto and Damon felt an overpowering sense of wrench in their hearts and minds, and ended up reminiscing over Mx past. 10 years later Roberto and Damon visited again Mx and 3rdstryker in the year 1935 to take them to the year 2015 to prepare them for a trip to the future to Cryptoland. Just as they were going into the Bus, the Speed Demon of Mr E Junior came out of the deepest Ices of the rink and embarked secretly into the Bus back to the future.

Chapter 4 - NEW YEAR


Proto: I know who you are!

Roberto TM : Do you?

Proto: Yes, the way you do things give away who you really are!

Roberto TM: Really, so Who Am I?

Proto: 3rdstryker!

Roberto TM: Ha ha ha, did you say 3rdstryker?

Proto: Yes, you can laugh all you want but we all know who you really are!

Roberto TM: Ha ha ha ok surprise me even more! How did you get to that conclusion?

Proto: Very easy I have studied your personality and moves.

Roberto TM: So I am a woman?

Proto: Yes!

Roberto TM: Hold on I need to change my thong I am pissing myself laughing! Ha ha ha!

Proto: Ok let me get real evidence here and now!