January 2016 - Page 27

With a slight pause the Voice boomed back. "I am Roberto the Transpotime Master".

There was a big explosion of water that shot my toilet up through the roof. Two individuals, whom I had never seen before, appeared. One of them had their hand outside of a yellow shield. Slowly, the light of the yellow force-field was dimmed.

The owner of the hand said to me "May I introduce you to my sidekick Damon?". Damon looked at me and said "run along Mx! Don't wait for your willy to grow back. Go get your skates and drop your booty in one of the Transpotime21bus seats before I whip it!’’ They asked me to go with them into the Transpotime21bus. There was no time to lose as they were going to give me a new life. I was going to kill myself so I had no problem trusting these two loons and to embark to wherever, as nothing could be worse than the life I was living. I was in a one-way trip to the past in a Time Machine. Every atom in my body was somewhere else going back to the past and I had to be there, they didn’t tell me why - I would know as soon as we arrived. So here I am traveling through time, defying the laws of physics to learn from Aristotle how a leprosy man lives his life. Oh cruel fate!

The transparent, yellow light shield was protecting our bodies from the ride back in time. Yes we were travelling back in time! I could not believe my eyes; I was in the year 1925 again. I travelled back in time 21 years to the same day and same moment when I was going to save Mr E Juniors’ life from drowning in the lake. I saw my 10-year old past self there beside 3rdstryker and Mr E Junior going further into the centre of the lake. The two Time Travelers said to me, ''You know what you should do!'' And they fired 2 tranquilizers shots to my past self and 3rdstryker that made them fall asleep so they could not see what was about to happen. I followed Mr E Junior who was skating to the centre of the ice ring. Mr E Junior jumped 2 times and the third time he jumped he turned around, looking for 3rdstryker’s eyes, but instead he saw my leprosy body and the ice breaking below him.

As I approached the ice hole I saw him drowning, the freezing water leeching the energy from his dying body. Ice coated the thick lashes framing those dead eyes, fear crystallizing as he tried to stare down death. His hands broke the surface of the frozen lake, grabbing my ears just as he had held my hands those 21 long years ago, trying to save himself from the water's frozen clutches. But death was greedy that day, my leprosy ears fell off into the icy deep, following Mr E Junior as he slowly sank. As his movements slowed and his splashing eased I found myself humming. Tears froze on my cheeks watching my ears disappearing as his hands dragged them down into the frigid depths. My humming turned to singing a leprosy song.

Poor leprosy with a dropsy body

face is hollow, clothes are shoddy

my colour is grey, like a dirty ashtray

for today my ears filled the ice ring.