January 2016 - Page 25

Twenty years later, I found my wife 3rdstryker having an affair with Mr E in my house as I was returning from a winning war in Europe. I couldn’t control my anger and stabbed my friend. My hands full of blood as my knife plunged into his heart, 3rdstryker cried from our treacherous bed in the same way she did when Mr E Junior fell into the icy depth.

3rdstryker: Honey I thought you were dead! Mr E told me you were gone...had died...fighting the war.

Mx: What? Mr_E said what? He lied! He was with me in that horrible war until he was released after a serious injury.

3rdstryker: I was thinking of you constantly. Life ceased to have any meaning for me.

Mx: That's funny. It sure didn't seem that way when I caught you in bed with him. I come back from a war and find you in bed with my best friend! What a way to welcome me home!

3rdstryker: It wasn't what it looked like. He seduced me!

Mx: Bulls**t!

3rdstryker: Please listen to me honey, Please!

Mx: No! You listen to me! This is what I had to endure in my last year; no warm blankets, no heating! We barely had any food, and when we did it was no better than what raccoons ate!

3rdstryker: Oh honey please!

Mx : My last year. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

3rdstryker: I was seduced! It was against my will!

Mx: Yes! Yes full of joy and happiness and rainbows making love to him!

3rdstryker: Oh Mx, he kept asking me this year to go out with him, but I kept refusing....It was only last week he totally seduced me!He seduced me! He took my dignity away! I want to die!

Mx: Oh my darling, No! Nooooo! I Am so sorry!

3rdstryker:I am so confused, lost!