January 2016 - Page 24


Chapter 3

I know I promised I was going to tell you in this chapter what happened to all the 21 transpotimers in the Hat City but I told you a white lie. First, I would like to show you in the next few chapters how I met all the 21 Transpotimers.

Roberto TM: Please Mx can you explain to all of us how we met?

Mx: Certainly I can Roberto! It was in the year 1925 when I was skating with my best friends since childhood 3rdstryker and Mr E Junior on a frozen lake. Everything around us was a splendid white sheet. Seated at the edge of the lake we observed how the ice layer reflected solar rays towards our unmoving bodies. We decided to enjoy and to be part of that natural wonder. We put our skates on and we danced on the white ice ring that greeted the sun with its reflections.

My friend Mr E Junior began to move away from the icy shore to where the ice was thinnest. 3rdstryker, afraid that the ice would break under him at any moment, called out to not to go so far. Mr E Junior responded to this by turning to face 3rdstryker and jumping on the ice to show her how safe it was, however, by the third jump and to the sound of 3rdstryker screams, he fell into the icy depths.

I skated in the ice ring as fast as I could to reach my friend Mr E Junior who fell through the broken ice. I lay down on the ice beside him and gave my arm to my friend to help him out of freezing waters. I didn’t even know what to do, I just jumped right in. As I pulled my friend out, he looked at me with dead eyes as if I was taking his life away instead of preserving it. I will never forget those eyes, I was shaking like a leaf for a long time remembering those lifeless eyes.