January 2016 - Page 20

see is everything that is wrong with it. Sure most of

the core components work really well and will be kept

around but you can expect some fundamental changes

to be made in the very near future. As far as I'm

concerned the current client is just a prototype

compared to what we are preparing now.

Do you wish to see a close relationship between FIMK and NXT?

(Svante) There already is a close relationship - FIMK applies the NXT updates to its core and Dirk is a member of the NXT core team contributing code know-how on multiple subjects. Sadly the NXT community has been mostly dismissing FIMK's contribution. It would sure be nice to get more recognition for the FIMK features that are truly advanced, useful and unique in the crypto world.

It's a pity the misconception of "NXT clone" goes so far as to prevent mutual progress, while FIMK is less of a clone to NXT than Litecoin is a clone of Bitcoin.

(Dirk) I have done some work with Lior and Jean-Luc on the standard

client. The contact with the NXT developers I experience as a positive thing but

working on that client code base is very frustrating because of the way it's coded in the first place.

Recently I've been talking with Bas Wisselink (@damelon on NXT forum)

about creating a completely new client for NXT, this is something I'm actually

pretty excited about. I have been investigating ways to best tackle this since I think I've found the ultimate way to do this. This way we could bring the quality of the client to a similar level as Jean-Luc and the other developers brought NXT server to the level it is now. Bitshares' open ledger front end is nice, but our NXT client will be better.

What new innovations are currently being worked on?

(Svante) Offline vouchers and email account format with integration to traditional email messaging will be released soon. FIMK is continually expending

human resource efforts to make the NXT blockchain technology get adopted in the traditional banking and Financial Service Providers field. The blockchain hype is a fast-rising trend and our work on this area provides exposure to NXT as well. There are a few promising projects we're collaborating with. We trust one of them will be the catalyst for FIMK breaking big in 2016.