January 2016 - Page 19

Since launch FIMK has released regular unique updates to its modular HTML5 client with multi-platform native executables. Instant off-blockchain p2p messaging, instant asset trade matching (virtual AE), private assets, marketplace shopping cart, merchant order notifications, colored accounts to name some of the most prominent differences.

(Dirk) Sure all NXT clones are riding the success of NXT. But at the same

time NXT is riding the success of Satoshi Nakamoto. Who in turn is riding the success of the NSA inventing the SHA-2 set of cryptographic hash functions. What I'm trying to say is we all are standing on the shoulders of giants. What counts are two things: first, can you understand the work done before you and, second, do you have the vision to improve upon that previous work? I believe we do have that vision.

With a much smaller technical team we were able to create a better and real-time client written from scratch. The real-time connectors were not available in NXT so we had to add them to FIMK and we've added them to NXT+

All in all I don't really care about such misconceptions, the people who state these claims are the same people who have been overstating NXT's accomplishments from day one. Such claims are clearly not based on reality, it has more to do with idolization or fan-like behavior. Which is fine in itself of course but has nothing to do with real technical innovations.

The Mofowallet is really well-crafted. What was the motivation behind adding NXT to the mofowallet?

(Svante) FIMK's core features go hand-in-hand with the

NXT releases, so it's not technically a big deal to carry NXT

onboard. We thought it would help both FIMK and NXT

users, but sadly we haven't received much feedback

from the NXT community although we consider

Mofowallet ( as the most advanced NXT


(Dirk) When I was hired by FIMK it was my idea to also add NXT to the

core client. First, since I felt it was the right thing to do, NXT has given us so

much already. Second, back then I figured it might in the future allow for some form of cooperation, perhaps even some cross-chain functionality. Sadly this has not (yet) materialized.

As for it being really well-crafted, I'd like to think of it that way before. But as a developer you are always improving and learning new things. Right now all I