January 2016 - Page 17


Furthermore, the Bitcoin ramchain files consume an estimated 15GB of hard drive space, relative to the full Bitcoin blockchain which is currently in excess of 50 GB. Chrome apps are currently limited to 10GB of space so the app will likely be unable to run a full Bitcoin ramchain at first, although solutions are being explored and will eventually be implemented.

These lightweight blockchain files are what will allow SuperNET technology to scale across all devices and operating systems, most importantly mobile devices. The extent to which widespread adoption and use of decentralized blockchain technology is achieved is ultimately going to depend on how well it can be implemented into mobile devices and operating environments and 'Iguana' and its underlying ramchain technology is the foundation of SuperNET’s plans to bring its technology forth to a wider population.

Aside from allowing SuperNET technology to scale to mobile devices, jl777 also envisions being able to eventually use the technology in such a way that revenue and dividends generated by Pangea could be automatically processed and distributed, making it perhaps a fully functional decentralized autonomous company.

'Iguana' development is already underway. Although the technology is not yet stable, jl777 has said that it is evolving quickly and that once it is stable he will be able to recompile mobile versions. The app itself is estimated to take up approximately 1MB of space once completed.

To keep yourself up to date with the latest on the 'Iguana' project, point your browser towards the 'Iguana' wiki.

Written by Infinitechaos