January 2016 - Page 16


SuperNet Project ​'Iguana' to Birth a Chrome App, Increase Accessibility of its Technology

A new SuperNET project is underway and aims to lay the framework for SuperNET technology to be able to function on any device capable of running a Chrome app. The project, dubbed 'Iguana' has been generating quite the buzz at SuperNET Slack lately after lead developer jl777 announced the project and its corresponding private Slack group intended to keep progress focused and on track in the absence of naysayers, detractors and trolls.

When asked to summarize his vision regarding 'Iguana', jl777 described it as a “one click chrome app. It talks direct to the coin networks as a full peer. It is a polyglot client. Same code for BTC and all compatibles. Using native ramchains. This will allow direct integration of Pangea, Instantdex, Peggy, etc., without any reliance on public nodes for anything.”

Ramchains are a critical technology in the SuperNET repertoire that will allow many of its functions to be carried out. They are essentially a subset of files on the user’s computer that serve as a lightweight distillation of the blockchain that contain all of the necessary data but take up just a fraction of the hard drive space and computer resources relative to a full blockchain.

Ramchains for Bitcoin are estimated to be capable of loading onto a device in as little as 30 minutes and processing within 8 hours. The full Bitcoin blockchain can otherwise take up to one full week to load onto a device.