January 2016 - Page 13



Bitcoin Rush features NXT and CORE Media

Bitcoin Rush is a popular YouTube channel which aims to provide the latest news within Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrency realms. This episode features NXT in detail, going through its latest features "Phased Transactions" and "Shuffling". It also features CORE Media as well! Please show your support and subscribe to the Bitcoin Rush channel. Also, you can help support by sending BTC donations to 17vPhPit8cZP3sspyFw57f4Tj98ab9Hm3g.

BitFirm IPO Begins

BitFirm is a brand new asset issued by Cryptofund. BitFirm's goal is to provide a stable public relations network for new cryptocurrency projects. BitFirm will be supporting the 1000 assets project which was started by Coinomat. This push is to bring 1000 assets to NXT. BitFirm will encourage crypto businesses to use NXT as they will have access to a professional PR network. BitFirm has some of the most well known, active and passionaite members of the NXT community. CORE Media is also playing their part in BitFirm and revenue from BitFirm will flow through the CORE asset, but mostly through CORE Media. There are a total of three service packages available: SIlver ($900), Gold ($1,500) and Platinum ($3,000). If you have a cryptocurrency project that needs exposure, head to, compare the packages then e-mail

BitFirm Asset ID: 2069092550347872704