January 2016 - Page 12



LQD and EIX Hacked

On November 26th, a total of $28,833.65 from LQD and EIX funds was lost due to a Trojan back door program. This will forever be a dark day in NXT's history, however, it does only represent a 20% loss from both assets. Both assets are now rebuilding their capital and are still trading. Interestingly, the money was not stolen, but was lost on the exchanges. The hacker left a message on the computer screen. "You were right Mike, trading is hard, but so much fun. I hope you and your slave boy can fix this... XOXO”.

The recovery period for these two assets will take time, however, we are confident they will both land on their feet. Mike and Mr. Slave's (the two traders that were hacked) trading ability, on top of libertynow's sophisticated market making software and transparent website will see LQD and EIX back in no time. It is important for onlookers to also take note how important it is to protect your funds. CORE urges users of NXT to use clean computers, password managers, firewalls and to stay away from teamviewing software.

Sunday Shuffling Party Success!

On the 13th of December, NXT successfully shuffled over 1 million test NXT. Shuffling is a new innovative feature of NXT which is set to be rolled out in the next NXT version, 1.7. Shuffling essentially jumbles coins together with an unlimited party of people so that the original coins cannot be traced back to the original owner. This feature adds a layer of anonymity and makes it difficult for outsiders to track transactions. This feature will no doubt please the libertarian crowd.

The cost to shuffle your coins is a total of 1000 NXT but it is advised to have extra NXT in your account whilst it is shuffling. In order to shuffle your coins, your client only needs to connect to 2 nodes, however, the more people connecting makes the shuffling more

anonymous. The shuffling is also available

for NXT assets and MS coins, both of which

shuffled successfully.

If you would like to test out the shuffling

feature, feel free to download the

experimental release of NXT 1.7.