January 2016 - Page 11




technology stays stagnant, alterative currencies have the ability to add new technology on top of the blockchain. This growing innovation within the altcoin cryptocurrency markets has made it imperative to cater to those who own innovative coins.

Forkpay is now an asset issued on top of the NXT blockchain. Profits made from Forkpay will move through asset holders of Forkpay. This is all thanks to the Cryptofund asset. Cryptofund is a NXT asset created by Coinomat. As it stands, Cryptofund attempts to build a wide range of cryptocurrency services by helping crowd fund these projects. These projects also have access to Coinomat's instant cryptocurrency exchange. Forkpay went through this process and Cryptofund will also benefit from Forkpay's success as they hold a portion of Forkpay assets.

Asset ID: 4244599378927106120