January 2016 - Page 10


9 is a convenient Chrome application that aims to make paying Bitcoin bills as easy as possible by providing the option to pay with popular altcoins. As Bitcoin is the first global currency, it is becoming a growing trend to pay for online services through Bitcoin as it eliminates the needs to transfer from one fiat currency to another. This of course incurs large transfer fees and terrible conversation rates. Forkpay makes paying for online bills even easier by instantly converting your favorite altcoin into BTC. All the altcoin conversions will be done in the background by Coinomat at generous rates.

As with any Chrome application, it is very easy to install. Once installed, whenever a BTC address is on a website to pay a bill, you simply click on the Forkpay logo (which will appear next to the BTC address), choose the altcoin you want to pay with, then send those altcoins to the address within the application (QR code also available). All this is done with a few clicks, little effort and and no registrations.

As the alternative cryptocurrency markets grow over time it becomes increasingly important to include alternative options to pay for Bitcoin bills. While Bitcoin's

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