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HEALTH INNOVATION WEEK INNOVATION CENTRE - TEMPLE STREET W e are pleased to announce a new concept for digital health in Ireland, a permanent location for much of what has been seen here in the science gallery has been agreed with Temple Street Childrens hospital, an innovation centre, a floor that will be a physical location to enable innovation in the digital space to happen, a location for all of the health systems technology to be made available for organisations that have a new solution that they wish to test against our own digital fabric. This will be in place before the end of Q1 next year. The innovation centre will also act as the permanent location for the office of the Chief Clinical Information Officers council as well as digital training facility available to the wider system to begin to add to the digital skills across health staff. CLOSING WORDS A s Chief Executive Officer of eHealth Ireland I have a reputation for using the phrase, ‘Imagine a world…’ I want the healthcare system we have to be able to see the future and be proud of where it wants to get to. The innovation week facilitated over 3,000 people to be part of sharing that vision, of using their imagination to create a plan, a plan based on capability, willingness and creativity, a plan that will deliver an innovative solution to the health and wellbeing of the people of Ireland. I look forward to seeing what 2017 brings to eHealth and indeed innovation in health. We have plans in place and are excited for the future all that is left to say is watch this space... Watch our video by clicking here. “We are very excited to work in partnership with Temple Street Childrens Hospital to provide this important facility to enable the championing of innovation, somewhere where collaboration can be celebrated and promoted with different stakeholders. Creativity in the innovation centre will be fostered and no idea will ever be left behind.” Richard Corbridge – CIO, HSE, CEO eHealth Ireland. “Temple Street Children’s University Hospital is looking forward to being part of this pioneering partnership with the HSE around the Innovation Centre. Temple Street is confident that the Centre will allow the hospital to create relationships and explore new strategic areas using technology to deliver business value to healthcare. We hope that this will afford us the ability to explore and build on our current strategy of being ‘less paper reliant”. Dairín Hines - Head of ICT & Information Governance Lead Temple Street Children’s University Hospital.