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INNOVATION SHOWCASE 2016 - WHAT WAS YOUR HIGHLIGHT? The Innovation Showcase just emphasises the potential. Got chatted up by Lucy. Lucy stole the show for me. I’m seeing a lot of different groups like government and companies working together for eHealth which as we have seen with the VR is a great way of training people in safe environments. ERICK I thought it was really good, really interesting, it’s great to see different things side by side showing the progress that’s occurring in the medical field and there’s a great atmosphere, there’s a lot going on in the medical world and people can learn and take stuff from each other and see what’s going on. I thought it was brilliant. It was great to have everything so easily accessible in the centre of town as well its the perfect location for it. It was really interesting I’m a GP so im not used to tech really, it was really new to me so it was great to educate myself in it for free. What I found most interesting was the kids open approach to interacting with technology. They will intuitivly pick up and piece of hardware or software and get results. CONOR JULIE Even just going around the other projects from VR to Royal College of Surgeons, the whole lot of them, I just think it’s amazing. There’s so much we can work together on as well a lot of projects can be linked in. I Particularly liked LUCY from Tallaght. KAREN AINE TONY CAROLINE Exhilarating, the whole event has been amazing, seems to be a massive buzz around the place, huge enthusiasm. Lots has happened over the last two days and I think it really will make a difference to peoples opinions. The technology and innovations that’s here today is really apparent, as is seeing the passion these people have for the technology their developing. It makes me really understand how important health related technology is and what good work these people are doing. ALISON Being involved in the eHealth Innovation Showcase has been an extremely eye opening and rewarding experience. The greatest source of satisfaction for me, however, is the realisation that eHealth Ireland and the relevant players are showing such optimism, encouragement and support for anyone who feels that they can make a contribution to our country’s healthcare system. Exciting times lie ahead for clients, families, clinicians as well as for the various professionals across business, science, IT, legal, media and creative sectors! IAN