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DAVID ROBINSON NORA KHALDI Founder and CSO Nuritas Principal Physicist St James’ Hospital LAMP Project F or my talk I will discuss how technology is, for the first time ever, bridging the gap between human health and the types of food molecules needed to prevent or manage disease. Using artificial intelligence (AI), we are now capable of not only reading the tonnes of molecular data in food but also identifying the subsets of disease-beating molecules within food. “ I thought it was a great idea and platform to exchange cutting-edge ideas and innovation, and the Trinity Science Gallery is a great venue to have it in. ” JOE RYAN Head of PHIS Innovation and Reform Strategy: To Change Needs a Spark of Difference Commonly Known as Innovation GAR MAC CRÍOSTA Co-Founder MindRising How to Innovate and Engage Children Through Technology Engaging kids around innovation with @Minecraft #eh2030 @mindrising16 #innovationshowcase - @deirdrelee