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Our friends over at @eHealth shedding light on the impact of #MedTech on patients lives at #eh2030 #DTS - @DubTechSummit SIMON HARRIS SHAFI AHMED Minister for Health Tech and seniors may not go together in people’s minds but #VR is the latest innovation helping them. Innovation in Health Care - @DubTechSummit Co-Founder, Medical Realities Translating Technology into Clinical Practice W hat is innovation? I would imagine you all have a different definition of innovation. I think that we all accept that without innovation we will stand still, and the delivery of healthcare in any country simply cannot stand still. Innovation is the only way to not stand still. Standing still in healthcare sees us go backwards as the makeup of our population changes. A baby born in the US in 2016 is predicted to live to be 130 years old, we need a system that can provide healthcare for this changing demographic. “ DTS 2017 will bring together global leaders in innovation, technology and business to shape the future of global trends and technologies. Come listen to how we’re going to do it and how you can get involved. ” Today we are at the centre for health research and innovation at lancs teaching hospital! #innovationshowcase #sayhello This is our country’s first ever health innovation week and it has been an overwhelming success, it is quite something to see the level of enthusiasm for innovation throughout the health system and indeed amongst patients and the public alike. “ Innovation will change the way we work together. Culture change can be achieved by making changes to how we are structured and this in turn can alter the attitude to innovation, the eHealth Ireland team are ahead of the curve on the thinking around this. The team has put in a series of programmes over 2016 that open our health system to innovation more clearly” - @appitizedhealth Great support for our work from @SimonHarrisTD at Innovation Showcase @HealthlinkIrl @ eHealthIreland #eh2030 - @karinahull101 Watch My Video Here