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DAN HOUSMAN CTO, CovergeHEALTH by Deloitte Blockchain: The new innovator in health ERIK VAN OMMEREN Research Director, Gartner Innovation isn’t a part of our culture. Make it something you do everyday “ The real challenge is building an organization that’s able to win the innovation game… “ Anything that promotes innovation in health care sounds good to (+t(+t()5% !0Q!% ,()IQ AIM ()]Qɗe)Ё٥() չ䁅) () %<%5L5a%5L()չȰ]ɱ!Ѡ)%مѥMյ(+p()%ѕ͕)Ѡ͕٥́́ͥٔ)̰)ݡ̰ݔ͡ձ)͕Ё́٥ѡ)ɝʹ͕)幵ѕɹ́)ѕٽ٥)ٕ役ݡ́Ёи(+t())AȁQɔĸ)!ѡ%ɕ%مѥ)Mݍ͔́$Ёѡ)ѼՍєɽѡѽ(%Qэ(5Q(+p()QЁչݔٔ)́ݡݔхЁѕѼ)ݔ(+t((0