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WELCOME W hat a week, Ireland’s first ever Health Innovation week was a resounding success. To take the germ of an idea, how do we inspire interest in the concepts of innovation and digital in health and turn it into a week of exciting, different and engaging events was something that the eHealth Ireland team and its partners pulled off admirably. If we were just considering numbers alone then we would be happy with the volume of people who got to see touch and feel health innovation at the event, but its more than numbers. The engagement on social media was huge, the enthusiasm in the rooms throughout the different events was palpable, the discussions about how to make the concepts of innovation come to life for the healthcare system in Ireland ensured that the connectivity at the events will live on into 2017. The central themes of the week grew and grew, as you can see from this magazine the breadth of innovation that was covered was truly remarkable as was the amount of engagement achieved and enthusiasm fostered. Innovation can’t be forced, it is a creative process, the week that this magazine celebrates has become globally recognised on its first outing. The event will now become one of the foundations for Ireland’s digital health movement, a movement that has been created to not notice organisational boundaries and care deliver borders, a movement that is simply about how the healthcare system needs to reform to deliver safe, contextualised and efficient care for every person in Ireland. Ireland has been recognised for excellence in the field of clinical engagement on the subject of digital, what the innovation week started was Ireland being able to do this for everyone who lives here, patient, public, clinical and technical, facilitate a new level of understanding and inspire a new degree of enthusiasm for a digital landscape in healthcare.