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JOE MCDONALD RUTH C. O’REILLY CCIO, NHS UK Transforming Regional Care: The Great North Care Record J oe McDonald has been a practising NHS doctor for 30 years, is a former NHS trust medical director and a former national clinical lead for IT. He is chair of the CCIO Leaders Network, chief clinical information officer at Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Trust. “ Innovation and Reform Strategy - To change needs a spark of difference commonly known as innovation. ” National Disability Authority Complementing Innovation with Universal Design. SEAN ENNIS JOURNALIST PANEL Co-Founder Genomics Medicine Ireland The ABC of Genomics Communicating Innovation featuring Will Goodbody, Marika MacCarvill, Joanne Sweeney Burke, Ciara Clancy and Mark Chillingworth U niversal design is a process that enables the design of environments that can be accessed, understood and used regardless of age, size and ability. A key principle of Universal Design is to prioritise user involvement in design decisions. This presentation introduces Universal Design principles and guidelines and presents examples of resources and tools that complement the process of health innovation. You can listen to Joanne Sweeney-Burke’s podcast ‘JSB Talks Digital’ on the event here: “ It’s geared toward the general public. Focus is on the advancements in genomics paving the path toward disease prevention. ” http://digitaltraininginstitute.ie/ health-innovation-week/ Watching an amazing media panel on #ehealth innovation @R1chardatron & @tweetsbyJSB! - @InnovatorIRL