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WILL SMART CIO NHS Health needs innovation to enable it ‘simply’ stand still, what’s next? A lovely morning with a lot of enthusiastic people checking out #PulseR at #eh2030. Thanks @HSELive @NDRC_hq for this wonderful opportunity - @thinkbio MARTIN CURLEY Professor of Technology and Business Innovation, NUI Maynooth Internet of patients and connected health. P rof. Martin Curley is Professor of Technology and Business Innovation at NUI Maynooth and co-Director of IVI, helping lead a unique industry-academic open innovation consortium to advance IT management and innovation. Prof Curley is a fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland and the British Computer Society. He is a frequent international keynote speaker on Innovation and Technology. “ GP PANEL Innovations in a GP setting: What there is, what there will be and how to encourage Innovation - featuring Nina Byrne, Sean Higgins and Conor O’Shea. Director - WorldWide Health Mobility, Microsoft Innovation in Health through the use of Cloud. “ Creating collaboration and competition based on value is a central challenge in driving health care reform. ” GARETH HALL Best experience ever... #HoloLens by @Microsoftirl amazing potential for applications to #ehealth4all Everyone in health wants to change the world, but no one talks to each other. As soon as they all work together and talk together they suddenly realise “Oh I’ve solved that problem!” and then the others go “Oh brilliant!”. - @NaughtonElaine Check Out The Video Here ”