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SPEAKERS TONY O’BRIEN Director General Health Service Executive T he Innovation Showcase has shown how we can adopt technology to change the way in which health is delivered and how we need to innovate to deliver healthcare to Ireland. In fact not just to Ireland, but how healthcare delivery needs to continue to innovate to deliver anywhere in the world. The enthusiasm of the healthcare system and the public to consider how digital could inspire an innovative change to so many aspects of the way in which healthcare is delivered was just too much of an opportunity for the team to miss and this is why the initial plan of one day ended up as a week. Building this week for the audience to enjoy, be informed and engaged in, has been a challenge I have been able to take a look at with some pride. We all want and need the HSE to become an engaging organisation and an organisation that can listen to you. Innovation week for me as a leader of this organisation, will allow us to have one more route for you to engage with us, being aware of what we could do and to advise us on what you want us to do. Change used to approach gradually but arrive suddenly. That’s no longer the case. What used to be a vision of the future is now a project for next year. We have a new name for change that is managed, described and seen coming. That name is innovation. “ Ireland is leading the way in digital innovations for patients and I’m looking forward to hearing what the speakers have to say today. ”