HSE International ISSUE 109 - Page 38

HEALTH & WELLBEING: BRITISH TINNITUS ASSOCIATION SHARE YOUR SOUND HITS THE RIGHT NOTE! The British Tinnitus Association launches new tinnitus awareness campaign. #S har eYo u r S o u nd S #S har eYo u r S o u nd #S har eYo u r S o u nd hare Your Sound is the latest tinnitus awareness campaign created by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA). The charity officially launched Share Your Sound on 9 October. The BTA want to encourage people to share their tinnitus experience, talk about the condition to others, seek help if they’re struggling and to help reach a vital audience – GPs. Because tinnitus effects people differently, it can be hard for anyone who hasn’t experienced the condition, be that friends, family or GPs, to appreciate the true impact it can have and this can lead to feelings of isolation. As part of the campaign, the BTA has designed a series of images which it hopes people will use to show others what their tinnitus is like. They’re a really useful talking point, allowing tinnitus patients to share their story in a visual way and making it easier for people who haven’t got the condition to understand. Emily Broomhead, campaigns manager for the BTA, said: “As part of our Share Your Sound campaign, we really want to get more people talking about tinnitus, by uniting the tinnitus community, empowering those involved to talk more openly, and making sure people know that there is help out there. “Our downloadable images are a great way to get people talking about tinnitus and to help those with the condition to really try and demonstrate to those aroun [HZ\[]\[[][\XZ\^HBB^HYKHSTUSӐSš\V[HBš\V[HBš\V[HB'H[[\HH[\ZYۈXX]˂X]\H[H[[H][]\HYYXHٝ[]\\[HXو[ܛX][ۈٙ\YBX]X[YH[]\[\H܂\ܝ [ۈH[]\]\[\YZ[XX\K[H][Y\[]\ZY[H܈H[۝[YHX][H\ܝ[[HݚYBH\XH\H܈[]\]Y[˂'H]HH\H[\[XXx&]HܙX]Y܈[HZHZ\[\XX\X[H\œXKH[\^H[H[[[\H]Z\\H[\ ]Y]H[]\ZY[Kx&Y[ݙH\X[H[H\XH][Y]H[\ZYۈۈX[YYXH˂'x&\H[و[Y]ؙ\œZ\H]\[\وH[\ZYۋX\H\˜]]\[]\ۈ]\[0˙XX˘K]\[]\\X][۰ۈXXˈ[H[[\BH\Y\V[\[ 'BTHQB\[ ܚY[[۝X[وH[[\L“X[\\[[\[\]^Z[\\ۘ[ۛX[ۈ[]\[H]\[\ܝ[܈[B[X]Hۙ][ۈ[\HۙHY\[ۙK'[HKZ[Y[\[\][ LKH\XYB]\H^H[[X]KܘZYYY[Y\[][]\܈X[HYX\ˈ\YY[]\YHYX\