HSE International ISSUE 109 - Page 36

HEALTH & WELLBEING: THE ELAS GROUP DRUG & ALCOHOL USE OUTSIDE THE WORKPLACE IMPACTING WITHIN T hese days, we’re all aware of the impact drugs and alcohol can have on the workplace environment and most, if not all, companies will have a strict drugs and alcohol policy in place. Societal use of drugs and alcohol has undergone a dramatic change in recent years in terms of attitude towards drink driving and drug use, as well as the introduction of so-called legal highs, so it’s important to also look at how an employee’s use of substances outside the workplace can have drastic implications within. Danny Clarke, Group Operations Director for the ELAS Group, explains: “Most people know the dangers of drinking and driving and will make alternative arrangements to get home ahead of a big night out. Few, however ۜY\ۙ]Z\˜[X]HZ\\[K\x&\H[H]YH[HX^H[Hݙ\HY[[Z][][ܚ[H[ܛ[˂'[HY][Y\Z\H]Y\[ۜX]X]]Y\]\H[\Z[]YHوܚ[H^H[]B[[\Xۈܚ]8&\[\ܝ[\]B\YK'HX[H[YHXܛ[^[\H\HH\[BYH\Z\H\]]HHH[YYܚYX][ˈHܚY\YY\\Y[BۛHݙH]][Hۙ[\وH\[\[Z\\˂H[\YYH\۝XYوY][[XZ]YH [۝][[\Y\XHYX\™[\[\HY]H]HH\[HZXB͂HSTUSӐS[\K]\[\QY[[ۙYH][˜[H\[H[\\][][[YKH\]^H[[\HH[\YYH]HBܚY\\Y\HXYH[H[[X\XH\˂H[\Y\\Y]\[\]]H]\Z[]HH[\YYK\H\Y[HXH\B]\]Y\YHXو[\[K']\X]\]\H^H\HZ[˜۝XYوY][ٙ[\]\\\YH]ܙ[\][ۜ\[&][[ܙH[\H]H[B]H܈Z\\[\\H]ˈ[[BۜY\]YYHY][\ۛHܙY[܂Z[H[[X\ʋ]YH]Y\[ۈوX[B۝X[ۜ[\HHY[H\H\Y܈HY\[[¸']8&\[[\ܝ[܈[\Y\]B۝X]ܞHXܜ\X]Y][[YX\B[HܚXH[[\H^H\HX[Y[[BYX][K'ܚXH\[\Y[\Y܈XY\]x&]B[Y[Y[[\YH[X]X[H[ܙX\Bݙ\\[YH\[ \[Y\YY[Y[X\][H\[[H\YY[YHHYBܚ[[\Z\Y ]8&\\\[\ܝ[ZHBX]H\XH\YNYX][[\YY\[Z[[Z\[H[Hو[HZ[H\وZ[ܚ[[\H[Y[HوY܈[ '\YXHY[[[\YY\\[]][BZYܝ\ H][H]\]YHوܚ