HSE International ISSUE 109 - Page 34

HEALTH & WELLBEING: MATES IN MIND “My personal hope is that mental health and addressing ill health becomes business as usual and the stigma that is associated with ill health becomes a thing of the past.” Mental Health First Aiders to increase to one in ten of our people. That may sound like a lot, but it’s a crucial step in tackling this issue. It’s easy to spot someone coming into the office on crutches and arrange some help, but it takes more awareness to pick up on the often-subtle signs of declining mental health.” Mike Robinson, Chief Executive, British Safety Council said: “The British Safety Council’s vision is that no-one should be injured or made ill at work. As we have come to recognise, there is no health without mental health. The construction industry’s championing of Mates in Mind sends a strong message about the role workplaces can play in supporting workers’ mental wellbeing and helps to demonstrate their commitment to leading the way in managing this important issue, both to their staff and society more broadly. I am delighted that the British Safety Council is able to play its part in helping the industry to drive this forward.” In addition, Katrina heard from the Executive Director of Mates in Mind, as well as Pilot Phase Partner Organisation and Business Champion - Tideway. Joscelyne Shaw, Executive Director of Mates in Mind said: “Mates in Mind is seeking to support construction companies in raising awareness, addressing the stigma and improving positive mental well ɽ́ѡ)͕ѽȸ5䁽ѡѡ́ѥՍѥ)ݽɭϊdݕɔͥȀ䁍Ёɕ͕)ݥѠե̰ЁЁͥȁѡɽ՝)ɕѥЁݥѠمɕѥ)́Ѽѡ݅́ݡ͕ͥ́ݽɬ()!M%9QI9Q%=90+qMȁɽЁѼѡ䁅ѕȁѡ)Ё͔ɱȁѡ́啅ȰѡٕѕɕЁݔٔ)ɕٕɽ䁍Սѥɝͅѥٕ́́)Ʌ ݽɭѽѡȰݡ́ɕѡɽ՝)ȁ᥉ɽݔٔݔݥ)ѼͥЁɕѼѡѡ)ݽɭЁ́ݕ́ѡ͔ѽՍ䁥лt)Mѕٔ!̰ ȁ5ѕ́5 ɐɕѽȁ)!ѠM䁅]ЁQ݅䰁ͅ+qQɕЁ=9LɕЁѕ́ѡЁѡՍѥ)䁡́եɅє̸܁ѥ́ȁѡ䁽ѡ)䁥ɕЁ ɥхQѕЁѡх́)хѠ́ᅍɉѕѡɥѥѽ)ȁѡ͔ݽɭՍѥ]ɭ́ѡɅ)܁ѡݽɬѡɽɥ)͕Ʌѕɽѡ䁍ͥѕѥɕѥ͡)ձѥ̸1͡Ёѕɹ̰ȁѥ(ѥձɱݡݽɭ1ՔѼɕх̤)ȁѕ̀Ѽչѕȁѡɝ́٥)Ʌ1ȁ́ɥєѼɕ͕)ѥՔ9ЁՍѥɽ́ɔQ݅䁅)ͥЁѡ11٥]ͼݽɥ)ɥݥѠչх䁽ٕȁɔɽ́Ѽ)ѡɽݥЁɥѥѽ̸+qQӊéݡQ݅䰁́Ёȁѡ!Ѡ) Սѥ1͡ɽ݅́Ѽɕ)ѡՔхѠݕѡɕѥ)ѡ5ѕ́5ɥ䰁ݡ$ ȁѡ) ɐQѕ̸]Ёͽɝͅѥ́ٔɕ)хѕѡȁɹ䰁ѡمЁɥ䁡ٔи5ѕ)5́Սɕɽɕ͕! 1)Ѽɽ٥ՍѥɅЁȁ啕)̸Q݅ݕɔٔѥ)ɝͅѥ́ٽٕѡɱЁ͔Ѽ)͡ѡɽɅ]ɔѕѼ͕ѡɥ