HSE International ISSUE 109 - Page 10

SPOTLIGHT NO TIME TO LOSE CAMPAIGN MARKS THIRD ANNIVERSARY Half a million workers worldwide are now more aware of occupational cancer risks as a result of IOSH’s No Time to Lose (NTTL) campaign. N TTL is raising awareness of cancer caused by work and helping businesses take action by providing free practical resources. Since launching NTTL on 03 November 2014, over 220 organisations worldwide are supporting the campaign and have raised awareness of work cancer. More than 100 leading businesses worldwide have also signed up to its pledge to tackle occupational cancer. Through these forward-thinking companies, work-related carcinogens have been highlighted to at least half a million employees globally. IOSH members, representatives and employees have 11605 Near Miss 2pp Leaflet at F_Layout 1 15/02/2012 15:27 Page from 1 presented the A5 campaign over 150 events globally, Ireland to Singapore, reaching over 10,000 delegates. Media coverage of the campaign has reached over 66 million people worldwide, the campaign website has been visited more than 120,000 times, and over 72,000 resources have been downloaded. With the latest research suggesting that at least 742,000 people a year are dying from a work caused cancer – one death every 43 seconds – IOSH plans to continue the drive. The campaign is highlighting the carcinogens which cause the most number of deaths and registrations. These include asbestos, silica dust, diesel fumes and solar radiation. A proven management tool to help keep track, allocate and improve efficiency How we can help Special Offer • Information at a glance • Keep track of current and up and coming projects easily • Improve your departments performance • Manage resources more efficiently • Standard or tailor made PLANT NAME T 0002 NEAR MISS A C LOCATION A OR REP / HAZARD C RE B PORT REF. 0003 A B PERSON BRIEF DESCR IPTION OF NEAR N OF RIPTIO CRIPTION BRIEF DES RD HAZA SS / AR MI HAZARD R MISS / TAKING ESTIMA TED CO MISS / HAZAR RESPON SIBILIT MPLET D DETAIL OF OF NEA ACTION E TAKEN NE DATE TIME REPORTED BY E TIM ORTED BY SUGGESTION SHIFT S FOR REP T TIONS FOR DATE SUGGES RTED REPO BY SHIFT T ACTION HA • Maintenance Requests • Continuous Improvement • Staff In/out • Weekly Planners T EMEN PROV R IM NS FO TIME SHIFT IMPROVEMEN MEN IMPROVE MISS / ACTIO ZARD N Y FOR ION DAT DESC DATE + P&P and VAT Other Standard boards include: NEAR N TION LOCA £95.00 inc 200 T Cards C LOCATIO ME T NA BRIEF REF. / HAZARD RE B PORT AZA S / H IS R M NEA PLAN 01 S 00 MIS F. AR RE NE RD E PLANT NAM System only ESTIO SUGG IFICANT ICANT Y PART OR SIGN (LIKELIHOOD SIGNIF BOD S OF OF FATALITY, IAL LOS OR LOSS RT STRUC OF PA LITY, NT/MATER LOSS OF BODY PART OR OD OF FATA SIGNIF A = CRITICAL IPME TURE/EQUIPMENT/ DY B = MAJO (LIKELIHO URE IAL /EQU OF BO UCT ER R OSS). MATERIAL SS STR AL S OF (LIKELIHOOD LOS AMAGE/L Y, LO T/MAT TIC A = CRI ICANT tel 01732 871 417 web www.tcardsdirect.com OF RY/D SERIOUS INJURY INJU TALIT IPMEN OSS). IOUS /DAMAGE/LO DATE QU E/L OF SER OF C FA = MINO SS). OSS). LIHOOD (LIKEL AMAG IHOOD URE/E OOD CT (LIKE R AMAGE/L OF RY/D RU KE = LIH URY/D MINOR MAJ INJU ST OR (LI B INJURY/DAMA R S). OF US INJ OD OF MINO INJURY GE/LO E/LOS SS). LOSS URY ULTED IN SERIO AN AG TIME NEAR (LIKELIHO Y/DAM WORK EVENT WITH IN INJ ICAL MISS HAVE RES D OF : UR DAMAG REQUES POTEN IAL TO CRIT OO OR TIAL TO HAVE ENT LTED POT T No. (IF MIN R INJ SU OR RESULTED IN A = = LIH LOSS C KE RE E (LI APPLIC INJURY MINO AN EVENT WITH VE S 07-4 OF HA ABLE) TO OR T LOS Cards Direct. Ref: 13-4 OR OOD AGE Tel. Re Order DAM 7 01732 7-4 NTIAL MAJ 871417 &R&FW 3TĔsCĐs3 "У2C&Vc2Cr4d$ЦcT"ԕ2tDDR6&G2F&V7BFV@dTTD$W"&P@@4$&R&@UdT"50dDT@Cp УsD4dtP3 T2Х$5@pTPD0V7BFV34&G2F ԕ0UDT@B6B4T 4T@4RDU$DU0U0