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(for example, checkpoint inhibitors). Manufacturers of the reference products develop next-generation products as a life cycle management, which sometimes will also run off patent. Therefore, it will be necessary to continuously evaluate new biosimilars, and each active substance will contain its own specifics and challenges. At the same time, healthcare professionals will become more experienced and the market’s willingness to adopt biosimilars is likely to increase. Moreover, continuing pressure on healthcare budgets is expected to force a change in attitudes and will result in an increase in the use of lower cost biosimilars across Europe. Hospital pharmacists might join efforts in regard to identification and documentation of the particular medicinal product used in an individual patient. The various aspects of the use of biosimilars make it necessary for us, as hospital pharmacists, to thoroughly and continuously keep ourselves updated in order to be able to advise physicians and patients about biosimilars and the concept of biosimilarity. References 1 Blackstone P et al. The economics of biosimilars. Am Health Drug Benefits 2013;6:469–78. 2 Crommelin D et al. Pharmaceutical evaluation of biosimilars: important differences from generic low-molecular-weight pharmaceuticals. Eur J Hosp Pharm 2005;11:11–17. 3 Boone N et al. How to select a biosimilar. Eur J Hosp Pharm 2013;20:275–86. 4 European Medicines Agency www.ema.europa.eu/en/ medicines/ema_group_types/ema_medicine/field_ema_web_ categories%253Aname_field/Human/ema_medicine_types/field_ema_ med_biosimilar/ema_group_types/ema_smops/ema_group_types/ ema_withdrawn_applications?sort=field_ema_med_market_auth_ date&order=asc (accessed October 2018). 5 European Medicines Agency. Biosimilars in the EU. Information guide for healthcare professionals. www.ema.europa.eu/documents/leaflet/ biosimilars-eu-information-guide-healthcare-professionals_en.pdf (accessed October 2016) hospitalpharmacyeurope.com | 2019 | 23