HPE HPE 85 – Spring 2017 - Page 6

Sponsored feature Cutting edge technology for all – How? Highlights of the Boehringer Ingelheim satellite symposium at the 22nd European Association of Hospital Pharmacists Congress in Cannes on 23 March 2017 are presented The Faculty at the Satellite Symposium Support for the development of this editorial report was provided by Boehringer Ingelheim 4 Novelty vs. necessity: An introduction This symposium aimed to discuss how technologies evolve from being novel, and potentially, prohibitively exclusive, to becoming a society staple. Dr Martin Hug (Hospital Pharmacist, Freiburg, Germany) led discussions between Professor David Antons (Aachen University, Germany) and Professors Ulrich Hoffrage and Julian Marewski hospitalpharmacyeurope.com (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) who presented key information and concepts. In addition, Professor Sherrilyn Roush (Professor of Philosophy, King’s College, London, UK) provided insight from her philosophical perspective throughout the meeting. New technologies that become successful typically follow a predictable lifecycle, with initial resistance regarding their uptake gradually diminishing as they become increasingly accepted. This is often accompanied by the emergence of more affordable and accessible alternatives. In addition, an important consideration is that the underlying psychology associated with cognitive behaviour and choice is a key factor associated with the way these technologies are eventually adopted. The innovation journey: How industries grow and products become successful – or die Innovations come and go. Many fail and subsequently disappear, while others go on to enjoy great success. Clearly not all products completely change the market place, but some do. Two eclectic examples include how the Barbie doll was once