HPE HPE 85 – Spring 2017 - Page 5

Inside Issue 85 |  Spring 2017 Contents 085 Leader 01 Thriving or surviving Christine Clark 04 Sponsored feature Cutting edge technology for all – How? Symposia reports 06 Risk prevention in hospital pharmacy Christine Clark 09 Understanding closed system transfer devices Christine Clark Meeting reports 15 Quality and safety Christine Clark and Laurence Goldberg 18 New directions in health-system pharmacy Laurence Goldberg and Christine Clark Practical therapeutics 39 Neonatal parenteral nutrition Venetia Simchowitz Pharmacy practice 22 MRSA decolonisation in a district general hospital Hashim Elshibly, David Farren, Mamoon Aldeyab, Geraldine Conlon-Bingham and Michael Scott 45 Treating paediatric short bowel syndrome Jaini Shah 27 24 hours medicines reconciliation in hospital David Wright and Brit Cadman 31 Innovative pharmacy service delivery in ophthalmology Amani El-Bushra, Edward Hindle and Sarah Thomas 48 Postoperative management of neurological drug therapy Ben Dorward 51 Medical treatment of uterine fibroids Vikram Talaulikar and Ertan Saridogan 57 Management of ADPKD in the era of tolvaptan Polina Todirova, Claudia Witte, Franziska Grundmann and Roman-Ulrich Mueller 35 The impact of ready-to-use fentanyl vials Gillian Cavell 3 hospitalpharmacyeurope.com