HPE HPE 85 – Spring 2017 - Page 38

Pharmacy practice 36 hospitalpharmacyeurope.com would be accepted and where there are no set boundaries to course length. Dose preparation The RTU product has advantages, over and above the modest reduction in risk score, which justify the small cost impact. We asked nine nurses for their opinion of the 50ml (50mcg/ml) fentanyl vials compared to the 10ml (50mcg/ml) fentanyl ampoules for the preparation of fentanyl 2500mcg in 50ml infusions. There was an overall consensus that the 50ml vials were preferred to the 10ml ampoules. Nurses commented that the 50ml vials were ‘easier, safer, simpler’ and ‘much easier to use than the 10ml ampoules.’ Nurses stated that the 10ml ampoules are ‘fiddly’ with ‘a higher risk of spillage and cuts.’ As a controlled drug (CD) the requirements for maintaining and documenting accurate stock balances of such a frequently used product is