HPE HPE 85 – Spring 2017 - Page 33

Pharmacy practice Issue 85 | Spring 2017 Innovative pharmacy service delivery in ophthalmology Moorfields eye hospital has established innovative service models of care through its satellite pharmacies, teaching events and engaging with primary care Amani El-Bushra Associate Chief Pharmacist – Clinical Services, Governance and Medication Safety Officer Edward Hindle Lead Antimicrobial Pharmacist Sarah Thomas Lead Pharmacist for Satellite Services and Contracts Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, UK Moorfields is one of the world’s leading eye hospitals, providing excellence in eye care, research and education for over 200 years. Together with our academic partners at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, we continue to be at the forefront of innovative breakthroughs in eye and vision research and developments. Single-specialty networked model Moorfields operates a networked model of care in a variety of healthcare settings at 32 sites in and around London. Alongside the hospital in central London, other satellite locations are grouped into four separate categories in distinct geographical locations with the aim of providing care closer to the patient’s home: district hubs co-located with general hospital services; local surgical centres; community-based outpatient clinics; and partnership, where Moorfields offers medical and professional support to eye services managed by other organisations. In December 2016, National Health Service (NHS) England announced £500,000 funding for Moorfields' new care model vanguard. The aim is to explore opportunities and risks associated with running such a model of service and to develop a single specialty networked care toolkit that shares the Trust’s experience and best practices in delivering networked care, sharing learning from other healthcare providers nationally and internationally, and providing support to other organisations that might want to implement a similar model of care with the aim of supporting longer term sustainability and patient benefit across the NHS. Pharmacy services We deliver a comprehensive pharmacy service to all clinics, wards, in-patients, theatres and day-case units including those at our satellite locations. Delivering a comprehensive pharmacy service under this networked model with the same high quality of care across such a vast geographical area can be a challenge. It necessitates complex contracts and agreements at each location taking into account local requirements, patient population and input from over 75 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). Outpatient efficiencies As part of our pharmacy department Five Year Plan, we have built on the role of link pharmacists in order to integrate pharmacy at clinical service levels with support delivered to various services at Moorfields such as Accident and Emergency, glaucoma, medical retina and ocular oncology. We are also working on standardisation of treatment pathways, improving patient flow in clinics and enhancing their experience by redeployment of pharmacy staff, increasing the number of clinic-based pharmacists and developing the role of non-medical prescribing pharmacists in defined clinical areas, such as uveitis. hospitalpharmacyeurope.com 31