HPE HPE 85 – Spring 2017 - Page 22

Meeting report baseline. As a result, the FDA has now started collaboration with Microsoft to identify signals of problems with newly released medicines. Such findings do not prove there is an effect but they do provide useful signals, said Professor Altman. Tweets might also be a good source of information, but they are difficult to interpret using current techniques because tweets are not written in proper English, he added. He also acknowledged that if a side effect is mentioned in the news, many people search for it online and create a spurious peak in data. Future developments in this field include ‘drug repurposing’ as informatics helps to uncover ‘unofficial’ effects of established drugs, suggested Professor Altman. 20 Hepatitis C Working closely with patients on the management of hepatitis C is a big opportunity for hospital pharmacists to improve patient safety, outcomes and efficiency - and patient feedback indicates that pharmacists really add value, Carmen Rodriguez (Gregorio Marañón University Hospital, Madrid, Spain) told the audience at the International Pearls session. Some 700,000 people in Spain are sero-positive for hepatitis C virus (HCV) and the Spanish national strategic plan hospitalpharmacyeurope.com calls for all patients with hepatic fibrosis of grade 2 or above to be treated with direct-acting antiviral drugs (DAAs) within two years. Three full-time pharmacists are involved in the multidisciplinary team that manages patients with HCV infection at the Gregorio Marañón University Hospital. Du