HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 76

COMMUNITY VOICE I n n ovatio n J o u rn a l Staf f In today’s experience age, how will innovation reshape how we connect and create in the future? SPIKE HUANG Vice President of Virtual Reality and Gaming, HP Let’s use virtual reality (VR), where HP is investing, as an example. At a very basic level, VR is certainly a collection of fascinating technologies. Yet from a different lens, VR can be considered a new medium of rather than a collection of technologies. If we look back in history, advancement in communication or transportation that brought people closer together not only changed societies, it also changed fortunes and even national boundaries. I would put VR in a category similar to that of the invention of paper, the printing press, the telephone, TV, or the Internet. In the past, these communication media communicated information in 2D. They still required our brain to interpret and digest the information. With VR, it is the first time when our brain can be fooled. Emotions and empathy can now be transmitted. Contents can be dynamically changed based not on a click but rather on how you feel at the moment. Now to work on the new possibilities. LORENA KUBERA Vice President of Commercial PC Product Management, HP Work is entering the experience age, where there is more collaboration and creation among employees. At the same time, our customers are undergoing major office transformations, reinventing their spaces and how their employees collaborate in these spaces. Our vision is to provide an intuitive user experience while making spaces intelligent. As my team builds toward this future, delivering intuitive experiences such as wireless content sharing, natural user interface (such as voice), persistent authentication, frictionless meeting join and rich inki r&R7&F6BFR6RFRgW6r6V6'2@ǗF72FW"ffW&w2FFVƗfW"76RFVƖvV6Rf"BBf6ƗFW20rF2VFVf"FR&RW6FrfFW&77VRFV