HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 75

MARIELLE BARRAZA YASH MAHESHWARI Asian Institute of Management, MBA student HP OmniChannel Intern National University of Singapore Q: What are three words your friends would use to describe you? Q: If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be? A: Conscientious. Cheerful. Optimistic. A: I am super fascinated with all things related to aeronautics and space travel! So I would like to meet Neil Armstrong to know more about his space travel and moon landing experience. Q: What's the best piece of career advice you've received? A: “Failure will always be part of the process and an opportunity to grow.” This has been a constant reminder for me ever since I started working. I’ve lived with this. Q: What's been your favorite thing about working at HP? A: First, it’s a friendly, very welcoming culture. You can talk to anybody without hesitation. Diversity and inclusion are also a big part of HP’s culture. Whatever your age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, race is, you will always feel your role is essential to the company. Another thing I love about HP is their practice of the growth mind-set. People give importance to feedback and different views and insights because we know that this can make HP better and allow us to Keep Reinventing. Paper Path Research and Development, HP Imaging and Printing Intern Q: What's been your favorite thing about working at HP? A: HP has perfect work-life balance. It is said that you are not doing a good job if the job is all you do. As an intern at HP, apart from my usual projects, I took part in a lot of recreational activities, such as team building events, team lunches, Employee Appreciation Day celebrations and more. I even played for the oneHP team in the HP basketball tournament. I also had the honor of being named one of the top seven finalists across the world taking part in the annual #HPInsiders social media competition. Q: What’s your favorite HP innovation? A: Undoubtedly, the Sprocket! With everything becoming so digital, photo printing has become a thing of the past. Nowadays, pictures just lie around somewhere lost in the phone gallery. However, with the invention of the Sprocket, HP has reinvented photo printing. Using the pocket-sized instant photo printer, we can now print pictures on the go from our phones. It has changed the way we share memories. Summer Intern Profile 75