HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 72

INVESTING IN THE FUTURE OF COMPUTING: COLLABORATING WITH STARTUPS AND VCS ON THE COMPUTING EXPERIENCES OF TOMORROW ANDREW BOLWELL Vice Presid e nt, C hief D isr upte r, G lo b al H e a d of H P Te ch Ve ntures , H P As discussed in the previous issue of the Innovation Journal, one of the primary goals for many corporate venture capital units, including HP Tech Ventures, is to help their company capture future opportunities early. HP Tech Ventures serves as the eyes and ears of our business units in startup and venture communities. We work with accelerators and incubators, as well as direct investments in startups, to drive differentiation, growth and innovation for HP’s products and services. The HP Tech Ventures team has been working closely with HP’s Personal Systems business unit to invest in the promise of virtual reality (VR) for both consumer and business use. To further these efforts, HP Tech Ventures joined as an investor in the Virtual Reality Fund. The VR Fund invests in early-stage startu 2FB&RFWfVrg&7G'V7GW&RF2Ff&26FVBB2f"FR֗VB&VƗGV677FVFFFǒv^( fRFVVBWvFFRW'677FV0'W6W72VBFW7F&Ɨ6'FW'62FW&RBGf6PWrw&wF&V2f"FR6WR2( 06&&FvF'6V26VBv֖r6@'6V2&V6VFǒv&VBFvWFW"Wr7G&V֖rv֖p6W'f6RWfW&vrFR'6V2Ff&B( 2Tv֖rFV6wखfFW&77VRFVअUt4Rv6v&VW76ǒ'2W"6'GPvFW"2FV&R66W72FW"^( 2W76vpB6gV7FƗGWfW&vW27&Vƒ7F'GW67&VVfF^( 0v&VW7267&VVf'GVƗFFV6vW24T5U$EFR&Vb6V7W&G2fW7FVBf'GVƗF&6VB6V7W&G7F'GW'&֗VFV&FV7B'W6W76W2g&vV"&6VB6V7W&GGF62FP&W7VBbF26&&F27W&R6Ɩ66WFF@V2&v旦F2&FV7BFV6VfW2g&v&R@&6v&R66FVFǒFvFVBF&VvVV^( 0FW&WB'&w6r7FfGअ4$T$$BvfV&VBFvFvFV&&@6WF&VVfG2g&FV6fVGW&W2v&rvFFfFf( 2Gf6VBvrFV6w2W6V@F6GW&R7'7F6V"FvFvW2g&ff6PvFV&&BअB$$f'&BVGV6F7F'GW&R֖pF66RFRvVFW"v5DTFvWFW"vR&R7&VFp7W7F4BFW6v7W'&7VFFV6v&2FRFV6660VVFVBF7FW"4BFW6vFVƖrB&Fr60W6r7&WB&'BVFWBgW6&FW'2D5DB&R&VfVFrVFW'&6RG&rW6pe.( GvFf7W26WFV6RBW&F0W&76RWFFfRBGW7G&Vf&VG2DtB7&Vv^( fRfW7FVBvFFvR`7&V( 2VFrfVGW&RgVG2FFFFRf'&B7F'GWV677FVFW&RvFf7W2fFrF'&~( 26FVv'VFW'2&V2b7G&FVv2FW&W7B