HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 65

COHORT 1 CONSISTED OF: 35% 65% 27% people managers individual contributors female participants Diversity is also a strong people priority for HP, so it was important that we included a good mix of participants. WITH SUCH IMPACT AND MOMENTUM, WE ARE OFFERING THE PROGRAM AGAIN IN 2018. We have expanded the program beyond Personal Systems to include participants from Supply Chain. The nine-month-long program will allow 50 managers and individual contributors from the Taipei Development Center (TDC) to take advantage of a fantastic leadership development curriculum, curated by HP in partnership with NTU to accelerate our leadership development efforts. COHORT 2 WILL CONSIST OF: 53% 47% people managers individual contributors 34% female participants They began working on their business challenges in the July time frame. They will give their presentations at the end of the program in December 2018. Engineering experiences that amaze are not just for our customers, they’re for our employees as well. We believe that everyone at HP can grow and develop, and that mind-set will differentiate us in the market and contribute to our ongoing business success. HR Innovation WHEN ASKED, “HOW DID GIL IMPACT YOU AND HOW YOU WORK?” HERE IS A SAMPLE OF THE ANSWERS WE RECEIVED: “I feel way more connected to my fellow HP team at the Taipei Development Center (TDC). Prior to this program, I only worked with my team. Now I am connected across all of TDC and HP. It is so much easier having a bigger network.” —FU -WEI CHEN, Workstations, HP “The business challenges brought it to life. From classroom learning to real HP work, this was the best part for me.” —PONY HSIEH, Consumer PCs, HP “The Blue Ocean strategy: developing a new markets is different from what I imagine. The true meaning of Blue Ocean strategy is achieving value innovation through a system of tools. The new concept is very inspirational.” —K AY HUANG, Quality, HP “The intangible advantage of the organization is the ability to communicate and coordinate across departments.” —MAGIC CHENG, Industrial Design “The class is so inspired that we can do an in-depth analysis to understand how business transformation can be achieved through strategic positioning, talent and organization. Further, we can think about HP’s transition opportunities in the future.” —DORIS CHI, Commercial PCs, HP 65