HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 64

HP’s Personal Systems (PS) business is situated in various sites around the globe, but one of our most strategic locations is in Taipei. We have a vibrant, engaged community here and a group of team members who are critical to our success. Because of this strategic importance, last year we set out to further invest in growing and developing future leaders at the site. HP has enjoyed a great partnership with Stanford University for the past six years, during which we’ve run a leadership development program called Building Innovative Leaders (BIL). PS has had many employees participate in this worldwide program and will continue to do so, but we were looking for a way to scale this in a more accelerated fashion for Taipei, tailored to the local culture and including additional leadership development aspects. Therefore, in August 2017, PS designed, launched and conducted the first cohort of the Growing Innovative Leaders (GIL) program in partnership with National Taiwan University (NTU). ACCO R D I N G TO M EGATR E N DS … Rapid urbanization, changing demographics, hyper global- ization and accelerated innovation will shape the way we live, work and lead for the future. We needed a way to enable our employees to grow, lead and innovate locally with velocity. Therefore, we sourced several programs with universities in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) and finally landed on NTU as the best fit for HP’s needs. NTU is the leading tier-one university in Taiwan, ranked among the world’s top 50 in all five subject areas featured in the QS World University Rankings by Subject. NTU offers a tailored program for HP through the College of Management. Each module of the GIL program is facilitated by one of NTU’s renowned professors. Innovation Journal Issue Ten The GIL program is hugely valuable both for our aspiring leaders, and to the competitive and innovative health of our PS business. Many ideas that are generated from this program’s curriculum can help us grow faster and realize our future strategies more quickly. The program consists of 10 modules lasting nine months. Three modules fall under the heading of Leading Yourself & Your Team; three modules under Leading Business; and three modules under Leading Change. The last module is a chance for the participants to show the impact of their learnings by sharing r \[وX[\[\[[\X[H˜\[\[^H]H\Y[\YY]^H]BX\YYHܘ[HYH\]][ۜ˂TSUPSSԐSHT•SQSTHSPPN B]\٘X[ۈ\^H\[ŒL BوH\X\[[ܝ H\H[Y\[Hܘ[K[H[YHH\[\\]Y[