HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 54

A Big Data analytics engine has been created to power DaaS, allowing HP apps and third-party tie-ups to collect the widest set of input events available from all devices (HP and non-HP) in a customer’s enterprise. The Big Data “brain” churns through this enormous data set to generate a bunch of actionable insights. Consider this notification example: Devices “X, Y, Z” are not working optimally—replace/fix components, software, or the entire device. The HP analytics platform is architected in such a way that other HP units or interested individuals can easily use the platform to collect new data sets and to experiment and generate insights. It’s Big Data technology for everyone. This simple insight is the basis of the transformation—it enables automated monitoring and fixing at scale across the full spectrum of a customer’s device ownership. What this can do for personal systems in business is analogous to what AWS and Azure did to the cloud, managing web \\Xܛ™[\\\ˈZ[K8&\XT[[]X[[H\\]BH\[ Z[[ۈ]X\ˈ NHXܘ]]BY]H[KBۛY[[Y]XX][\\KXܘ]KZ[[\X[^KՒQTQHVHSSQSPRBTSPPHTTHPTPN H\H]BܘYH[][[\[ۂ][ۈܙB\H[Y\قXY]K ΂H[XHY\YۈUœ[H][B[X[ۋHXY\\HHHXXXZ[]X[[\ܝ \XH\Y[]ۋ]K܈[H\H[X\HX ]XX\ۜو[\HH[X]HZXܛٝX[\[[܈][]^\˂HXZ[\HY]KXX[HX\[Y\X\[[\YXX[[[Y[K\H\HܙY[Y[8%[وTܝ[]Y\ˈ\\H]ܛH܈^\[Y[[Xܘ][ۋ[[ܘ]^[\Y]H]ܛH\[[[[ݘ][ۜ[][\H\X[ˈ\X[^\[[[^B]H]XZ[^\\K^[\\Έ]H[Y RUH[ܘ\\ YHܙY[H[XX\H N]Y\]Y[[X\H N ]Z[[ [ً\[BXH[XY][[]X[]H[ܜ[Yš[X[H\[\[HX]H]\[\[Y\š[H\\X\]܈\]\[ Y]H[[[HBZYH܈XZH]\Xˈ[Y[H\Y]\\%\H\X[ܙHYX][K[[\ܝ[\X ]H]XK\\[[[ \وB][ۈ\H]XH[[ۈ[\X]HZY[KY[[XX[]XH^\ݚYH\[X[ZY[HY\[]]H[H\\YH]X\˜[\\%]][][ؘ[ܛ\[[\˂[ݘ][ۈ\[\YH[\[Y\]H[]K\XHو\[]H][K[]HH[X\[H^XYKY]B^H\[ܛZ[X\[ۜXܛHYH[Hو][ۜHX\[[\[Y][\ˈ]]YH[Hق]X\[\[\\[Hܛ \[][ۙYœݚYH[Y[XY\\HXTY[[B\\[\K