HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 47

HP’S FITSTATION IS BRINGING CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY TO THE NFL ANOUK PATTY H e a d of Strate gic Pa r tn e rships , H P As Head of Strategic Partnerships at HP, Anouk Patty shares how 3D scanning technology, an inspiring team and her own love of sports are powering FitStation. CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT HP’S FITSTATION AND YOUR RECENT PARTNERSHIP WITH THE NFL? The NFL uses FitStation to provide fit recommendations to the equipment managers of all 32 teams. The innovative hardware and software platform captures 3D scans of the foot and foot pressure measurements along with a dynamic gait analysis to create individual digital profiles. Using a proprietary algorithm, FitStation then matches a player’s digital profile with 3D images of previously scanned Nike, Adidas and Under Armour cleats to provide a personalized volumetric fit recommendation. At that time, HP had just launched our FitStation solution in running stores across the U.S. Customers entering a store can get their feet scanned and walk across a pressure plate to have their gait assessed. They are then presented with a recommended list of running shoes and can even order 3D-printed custom insoles. We were able to merge the NFL’s desire for data with our FitStation initiatives to create a custom solution for the NFL. Players can now have their feet scanned in their team’s equipment room, walk across pressure plates and be matched with their recommended cleat. The project started over a year ago when the NFL and their Player Health and Safety Committee were looking to reduce lower limb injuries, particularly foot-related injuries. Foot injuries are a disappointing roadblock for players and coaches alike and can often be caused by ill-fitting cleats. The NFL wanted to use 3D scanners to capture data that would help them assess the problem and understand how to prevent it. The solution is making equipment managers’ lives easier by reducing a previously cumbersome and manual measuring process and by providing them with a tool that enhances their credibility when working with a player to choose their cleats. Better-fitting cleats, fewer injuries, more wins. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART WHAT ARE THREE WORDS YOU WOULD USE TO DESCRIBE ABOUT WORKING ON FITSTATION? THE FITSTATION TEAM? I grew up as an athlete, so I love all sports, but I also like innovative technology, so it’s the merging of those two things that gets me excited. With FitStation technology, we can significantly improve the performance of athletes. I understand the value FitStation can provide, and I truly believe in it. I love football and believe in the brand of the NFL, and we’re proud to deliver a solution that has helped the league and their players. Driven. Focused. Fun. However, it doesn’t stop at football. There are endless possibilities in sports categories where this technology could be useful. And it doesn’t matter what your level of ability is; I believe everyone can benefit from FitStation. Maker Spotlight WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION FOR YOUR WORK? Our leaders, Louis Kim, global head and GM of Immersive Computing, and Ed Ponomarev, GM of FitStation, have different leadership styles, but they are both extremely inspiring. Their approach toward opportunities and challenges is a great model for our team. Their relentless persistence and endless fortitude keep us striving to develop technologies that make life better for everyone everywhere. 47