HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 39

NEXT STEPS FOR VR “The kids were enthralled and AND DISTRACTIVE THERAPY fascinated by the immersive As a next step, HP and Reimagine Well are planning a more experience,” says Adele Sender, formal study that brings existing Infusionarium content onto Logistics and Educational Programs HP’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset, taking this advancement back to the chemotherapy outpatient environment to further lead for Reimagine Well. “It prove its efficacy. virtually transported them into another reality, and they definitely “Chemotherapy treatments and settings can be very traumatic for enjoyed it.” all patients, young and old,” adds Prior to this engagement, HP and Reimagine Well collaborated on print and computing solutions for cancer treatment and survival. Holzberg. “While this type of work This included large-format printers that bring multimedia has never been done before, we are graphics to the big screen and onto patient-room walls. The confident of success at CHOC’s partners also explored the use of Sprout Pro by HP, with a built-in 3D scanner and Jet Fusion 3D printers, to bring memorable and cancer center and in multiple meaningful objects to reality. hospital settings.” With the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset, however, Holzberg knew he had found the ideal technology. “The headset’s weight, ergonomics and overall usability is the best I’ve seen on the market,” says Holzberg. “It’s the most patient- friendly for our audience, and its promise for immersive healing is leaps and bounds ahead of other products.” With the proof of their hypothesis, the partners decided to extend their research and further customize the solution to meet the ultimate combined goal: to make a difference in the lives of young patients on their journey with cancer. Case Study Holzberg and his colleagues also imagine replicating and customizing the HP and Reimagine Well solution for applications in adult settings and beyond cancer treatments, including post-traumatic stress disorder, kidney dialysis and even emergency room applications. With a shared vision and commitment to further innovation, Reimagine Well and HP see tremendous potential to make a difference in patients’ lives throughout their treatment and healing journeys. 39