HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 38

CASE STUDY: HP’S HEALTH CARE IMPACT // IMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTS BRING RELIEF TO YOUNG CANCER PATIENTS FRANCES A. AYALASOMAYAJULA Population Health Worldwide Lead, HP For many cancer patients, the realities of treatment can add a significant burden to the challenges already presented by disease. An emotional toll of fear and anxiety is often induced by lengthy chemotherapy regimens, the isolation required by compromised immune systems, extended time in hospital and clinic environments and the uncertainties of the journey in general. Enter the discipline of “distractive therapy”—and the role VR and other new technologies can play in it. Reimagine Well, founded and advised by innovators from Disney and Fox Searchlight Pictures as well as leading medical concerns, uses emerging technologies and multimedia content to transport patients away from blinking monitors and IV bags into new environments in an imagined universe. A SPECIAL HEALING PLACE If you could get your health care treatment anywhere in the universe, without rules, what place would best promote your healing? A Brazilian rainforest or an African jungle? Alaskan mountains or Australian oceans? Kayaking on the Colorado River rapids or a peace pagoda in ancient China? Or maybe aboard a NASA spacecraft on a mission to Mars? Reimagine Well poses the “Where in the universe?” question and then transports patients to imagined settings during stressful treatments. Innovation Journal Issue Ten Reimagine Well creative director and cofounder Roger Holzberg developed extensive immersive computing experiences by designing magical theme parks and alternate reality video games. In his motion picture career, he wrote and directed the Academy Award–nominated IMAX documentary The Living Sea. “The first HP-sponsored project I worked on was ‘Mission: Space’ at Epcot Center in 2003. Even then, I knew HP was willing to inves BVRFFVWǒV&&WB@VFW'7FBFV"7W7FW'2B'FW'2( Ф4$$Dd"DTBTttTT@BTDTDtTT@#rB&VvRvV'&VvBFV"66W G&VFVBBf'GV&VƗGWW'F6RFFVG2B6G&V( 07Fb&vR6VGFR&W6V&66WF6&V@( 2VBVFVBF7BVƗFTFW6s22vF&VvRvV( 2W'6fRVƖrVFVF6FVBWGFVB6VFW&6WGFr&VvRvVFW6vW'0BVvVW'26v66VB4BVFW'vFW"fFVf"FPFW66VBBVrGVBFVG2