HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 37

One of the experiences that HP showcased at the Cannes Film Festival’s Next VR event, Chorus is part sci-fi adventure, part interactive game, part music video. Colin Decker, WITHIN’s chief operating officer, describes it this way: “You very quickly realize you have abilities with your hands, lasers and whips and weird stuff. The most magical moment is when two people are in an experience together, and they acknowledge each other as these absurd creature-avatars. They typically burst out in joyful laughter.” “One of the complaints about VR is that it is isolating,” says Popper, noting that Chorus is a great example of where the art form is heading. “But in many of the location-based experiences, you are able to go and share it with you friends and family. In this case, up to six people can enjoy it together.” Da